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Client Feature

Marjorie R. Williams is a farm, antique and flea market expert, travel writer and author of two best selling travel guides.

I have worked with Marjorie for almost 5 years as her digital marketing advisor and manager. I create all of her content except blog posts which includes, social posts, email marketing, blog management and advertising campaigns.

Over the past year, I began an initiative to turn some of her older posts into video content that can be shared on her social media platforms and website. She has garnered 8,249 views from this initiative in 2018.

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Testimonial from Marjorie

“I'd been feeling overwhelmed by social media, but ever since working with Kharma, I've been able to sleep much better!  Kharma brings deep marketing expertise and a strategic approach to developing content.  I'm also pleased with how accessible she is when I need help.”

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Problem Solving

Some years ago, while I worked at AAA Mid-Atlantic in the Public & Government Affairs department, we experienced public backlash over the over the growing cycling population which came to a head over bike lane installation along Pennsylvania Avenue.

As the manager of the grassroots advocacy, I knew we had to do something as an organization to combat the negative publicity that had surfaced. I created a campaign that involved working with internal departments as well as external media outlets, community leaders and advocacy groups.

At the end of the campaign, that involved sponsorships of Bike to Work Day and better media coverage, I created a presentation to submit to the Marketing and Communications Association for award consideration and was presented with the Public Relations Gold award in Crisis Management. (2).jpg

Content Campaign

For Hispanic Heritage Month, I created a full content campaign for is a women’s community website I started in early 2018 with Bela Gary. The website provides a platform for women to share their stories, tips, lives and more.