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125 or 1250 Fans?

125 or 1250 Fans?

Likes on Facebook!  

It’s everywhere and everyone wants it….Facebook popularity. Definitely something most big corps have, but do Likes on Facebook really mean anything to you and your brand or business?  

Well, that depends.  Do you have 125 or 1250?  That’s a big difference but while most companies and even individuals want the larger number here is what marketers know that you should consider -  The big number means nothing if you don’t have engagement.

Picture this…. You have 1250 fans.  Your page, however, has maybe 10 people on average who like your posts.  Your competition only has 125 fans but on their posts they have on average 10 comments, 20 likes and 5 shares.  Which of you has better potential of actual company or sales growth at the end of the day?

The basic definition of customer engagement is the engagement of customers with one another, with a company or a brand. So given that definition, if you have a crowd but they are not listening, they can’t engage with your company or brand.

Boom.  Likes are great but engagement is better.  

So if your c-suite comes down to you with, “we need more likes” you should have a solid case on why the likes are not as important because you are engaging with a core valuable group of current and potential customers.

Simple Ways to Boost Engagement Today:

Forgo automation for a few days:  Automation is fantastic!  But sometimes it is nice to actually log in and talk directly to your audience and interact with them as if you are at a networking event or cocktail party, depending on your business model.  We work on a 3 to 2 ration.  For every 3 days of automation we use 2 days for live interaction here at HoverFly.

Photo Opportunities: Posts without a photo do not get seen.  You have to have some pretty faithful followers and fans to get engagement from a post with no visuals attached.  For every post, have a photo.  Be sure when posting from other sources that the photo attached is relevant and if it isn’t, replace the picture.  Videos are even better and Gifs are even better than that.  Make sure your content has something visual to grab your audience.  If your brand allows for it, humor is always a great way to go.  You want to pull at something; a funny bone, heartstring or even a wallet.  Grab with visuals and your content will have more of a fighting chance to be read and engaging.

Don’t leave it hanging: Call to Action!  Be sure to use a call to action in if not all, darn near most of your content and posts.  Call to action could be as simple as “tell us your thoughts” to “did you hear about”.  Include something that makes the user want to engage in your conversation.

It can’t only be all about you:  Share!  Share content from others.  It doesn’t have to be a direct competitor but don’t be afraid to share their content too.  Find interesting articles in your field, talk about interesting people, don’t shy away from trending topics - they trend for a reason, everyone is talking about it!  No one in real life or internet life likes to hear someone only promote themselves.  You aren’t going to keep friends for long if you are boring so shake it up.

Written by: @kharmaisis